Convince your Relatives Day

Take a deep breath and convince your relatives and friends to vote #Remain.

Here are some great resources, if you feel you don’t know enough facts or need some better arguments:

“Everyone’s Nan is important, but your Nan can also prevent the UK leaving the EU.”

“Let’s not be known as the old fools who decided to leave the EU, just because we are feeling slightly insecure.”…/letter-let-s-not-be-kno…

If talking is not your thing, show them some videos

“Brexit is no answer to real concerns on immigration”…/jo-cox-brexit-is-no-answer…

Read more:…/jo-cox-brexit-is-no-answer…
Project Positivity: 6 upbeat arguments for EU…/

Download the EU doorstep app for all those figures you can’t keep in your head

10 things to be ‪#‎InFor‬

“It is not true that Britain sends £350m a week to Brussels … It is not true that EU migration is the main cause of pressure on the NHS … It is not true that Turkey is on a path to EU membership.”…/6f1ebd72-34c1-11e6-9c43-b579056…

“At its core, the European Union remains a practical expression of the belief that liberal democracies can achieve more acting in concert than they can alone. We must not turn our backs on that.”…/observer-editorial-eu-referend…

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Sunday 19th June, 2016

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