EU Broadcast Bartender in Leeds

After numerous conversations regarding the impending EU referendum the one consistent complaint was access to information, where to find it and who to trust.

This one off event will take the form of a 2 hour conversation from a fabricated Public House environment within East St. Arts Patrick Studios. 7 drinkers and a special guest bartender have been invited to discuss the pros and cons of leaving or staying in the European Union in front of a live audience.

The aim is to provide an antidote to the Question Time style panel show / argument, with well-rehearsed speeches that do not enlighten the viewer and often alienate them further. The conversation will be intentionally improvised and may veer off at any time into surprising or unsuspected areas. After the event the conversation will be edited down to a 1 hour radio programme and broadcast on Resonance FM on Tuesday 21st June at 8pm.

Broadcast Bartender has been created by artists Lloyd & Wilson.


Organised by Toby Lloyd & Andrew Wilson
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East St. Arts
Patrick Studios
Saint Mary’s Lane
Leeds LS9 7EH


Wednesday 15th June, 2016

7pm (doors 6:30pm)