#I’m with EU _Young Greens

On the 4th and 5th June, just a couple of weeks before the referendum the Young Greens are  holding a big weekend in London to discuss their vision for a better Europe and get out on the streets campaigning for it.

Saturday 4th June:
Day of panel discussions, talks and workshops, opened by Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett. There will be sessions on reform, workers’ rights, youth, and culture, and you’ll be able to hear from activists and politicians and really engage with the campaign for a more democratic, social Europe. We’ll finish the day with live music, comedy, and a Euro-disco!

Sunday 5th June:
Hitting the streets to leaflet and campaign for Britain to stay in the EU, taking Saturday’s ideas about reform and the benefits of the EU out into the community.

This event is open to all.
The venue is TBC but will be fully accessible. If you want to attend but are concerned about accessibility, please email

Tickets FREE at


London, the venue is TBC


Saturday 4th June, 2016

from 11am