Law on Trial 2016: The European Union at the Crossroads


Law on Trial 2016: The European Union at the Crossroads

One week before the UK decides on its future in Europe, the European Union will be on trial at Birbeck’s School of Law’s annual week-long programme of free-to-attend public lectures and panel discussions.

The annual showcase will run from Monday 13th to Friday 17th June 2016 and will bring together academic staff, recognised internationally as authorities in their field.

The European Union is reeling and talk of ‘Brexit’ grips the UK. Beyond this island, however, the Union is being questioned as never before.

Financial crisis, sovereign debt crisis, the migration crisis, and ‘Grexit’ have all challenged the gentle and seemingly unyielding process of European integration. Is the dream over? Is the notion of an ‘ever closer Union’ between the peoples of Europe an outdated idea?

This year’s Law on Trial will investigate these issues.

What are the reasons for and the consequences of the various crises which Europe is now struggling to master?

Will we see ‘more Europe’ as core European states within the Eurozone intensify their co-operation and integration in order to sustain the Euro?

Are migration pressures and concerns about sovereignty encouraging a central power within the Union, giving rise to an increasingly fractured series of European unions?

Only one thing is clear. Whichever way the UK votes on the 23rd June, the European Union of 2020 will be very different from the Europe imagined in the 2000s.

The event programme for Law on Trial 2016 (all events start at 6.30PM):

Monday 13th June 2016. Europe at the Crossroads: Change as Crisis?

Tuesday 14th June 2016. Brexit: Should the UK leave the EU?

Wednesday 15th June 2016. Angela ‘Scrooge’ Merkel or ‘Saint’ Angela Merkel: Europe’s Migration Crisis.

Thursday 16th June 2016. Can the EU Regulate a Financial Crisis?

Friday 17th June 2016. The EU at the Crossroads: Can Europe Build Itself a Future?

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Tuesday 14th June, 2016