Vote Art EU Debate

A unique event organised by Vote Art two days ahead of the EU referendum to discuss whether the arts in the UK are better off in or out of the European Union.
Speakers include:

Manick Govinda
Manick Govinda is a member of the Mayor of London’s Cultural Strategy Group and is a non-executive director of a-n The Artists’ Information Company. He is also a freelance writer and campaigner on free expression and on arts and immigration issues. Govinda is a fellow of the British American Project and a steering group member of the Manifesto Club, where he led the campaign against the UK government’s visa restrictions on non-EU artists and academics.

Ed McKeon
Ed McKeon is a researcher, live music producer, visiting lecturer and occasional writer and broadcaster on contemporary music and arts. Co-director of Third Ear Music, he has worked with artists from Brian Eno to Evan Parker, the Polish Radio Choir to Heiner Goebbels, Jennifer Walshe to Matthew Herbert, Pauline Oliveros and Robert Ashley

More speakers to be announced soon.
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Goldsmiths College
Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre
London SE14 6AD


Tuesday 21st June, 2016