10 Things you can do to stop Brexit

  • Don’t assume it’ll  all be fine, because “British people don’t like change.” Look at the polls. Go talk to people outside your bubble.


  • Say you’re in – online and offline. Being confused is no excuse. Inform yourself.


  • Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about why we can’t let the Tories and UKIP win this referendum. If you need arguments, see the links at the bottom of this list.




  • Put up a poster in your window, in your car … everywhere. You can download all our posters as print files or order stickers here


  • Improve a VOTE LEAVE sign by turning it into VOTE BEAVER


  • If you don’t have any spare time, donate cash to campaign groups or individuals


  • Send a tweet, text or ring your friends on polling day. A high turn out (especially of young people) might make all the difference.


  • Vote REMAIN on 23rd June


Useful links to share online

10 Points to consider about the EU referendum (by Andy Williamson)

10 points to consider about Brexit and the EU Referendum




“British friends: if you know anyone who is considering voting for Brexit, please point out to them that, thanks to the law of unintended consequences, a vote for Brexit has a 99% certainty of also being a vote for the following:

1. Boris Johnson as Prime Minister – our very own, better-educated, answer to Donald Trump!
2. Scotland leaving the United Kingdom in order to remain in the EU.
3. A three-year recession in the UK.
4. Uncontained delight for Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Kim Jong-un, ISIS, the Taliban, and all other enemies of democracy.
5. A huge setback for the West as whole, and for its slow progress towards peace and stability since 1945.
6. A collapse in the pound: which will mean no more European holidays for most British people, and high inflation at home.
7. All those retired British people in Spain being sent home (or being forced home by the weak pound and lack of access to healthcare), where they will be a drain on the UK health care system instead of the Spanish one.
8. London’s Polish builders all going to Germany (see point 6), and leaving us to contend with British builders.
9. No change in net immigration figures: since, in order to gain access to the EU single market, neighbouring nations also have to accept free movement of labour. There’s no chance of the UK being granted an exception.
10. The final collapse of British farming, as EU subsidies are withdrawn, and promises to replace them from Westminster are not honoured.

by William Lacey, 20 advantages of being British and in the EU 

“Net migration from non-EU countries – 188,000 a year – is greater than the figure from the EU. The status of these migrants will not be affected one way or the other by Britain’s departure. And what about the 420,000 Britons working abroad? What will happen to those of them who have jobs in other EU countries? In short, has anyone thought this through?” Matthew D’Ancona

“According to their research by Ipsos MORI, British people think far more EU citizens live in the UK than actually do, that we pay far more money to the EU budget than is the case, and that we significantly overestimate the amount of benefits paid to EU migrants.” Link

“Our hospitals, schools and housing aren’t in crisis because of migration. It’s not Polish plumbers or Spanish nurses who created record waiting times at A&E departments, or made cancer treatment waiting times longer. It was cuts forced through by David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the Tory party that did that. Instead of training enough doctors and nurses, we now rely on over 50,000 medical staff from the EU to keep our NHS going.” Jeremy Corbyn

List of articles and websites compiled by Holly Antrum


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