Until 23 June 2016: = artist-run Remain Campaign for the UK’s EU Referendum.
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Since 24 June 2016:
Keep it Complex – Make it Clear







EU-UK was started by artists and designers to add a cultural voice to the debate about the EU referendum on 23 June 2016.

To submit material, send an email to with an image (300dpi), a short text (max 100 words) and relevant weblinks. All material is published on EU-UK under an Attribution-NonCommerical 4.0 International licence. To spread the content simply press the share button under every entry or find us on facebook, twitter, instagram.


The pool of material so far has been collected and made public by
An Endless Supply, Kathrin Böhm, Rosalie Schweiker
together with Gavin Wade, Charlotte Cullinan, Mia Frostner, Margherita Huntley, DJ Simpson, Company Drinks, Ladies Arts Group, Cam Jarvis, Céline Condorelli, Grace Ndiritu, Florian Wüst, Kaisa Lassinaro, Melanie Mues, Graham Robinson, Clymene Christoforou, Doina Petrescu, Wolfgang Tillmans, Laure Prouvost, Rabbits Road Institute, Peckham Platform, William Cobbing, Sally Tallant, Izaak, mima, Afterall, Eastside Projects, Miranda Pope, Tamsin Dillon, Offprint, X Marks the Bökship, artsadmin, Eva Rothshild, Tom James and Jon Cannon, Toby Lloyd & Andrew Wilson, Vandana, Li-Yin Huang, Hamish MacPherson, Sophie Michael & Andrew Munks, Alistair Hudson, Jon Cannon and Tom James, Arthur Carey, Square Root Soda, Susanna Wallis, Jeniffer Balcome, Disegno Magazine, 4COSE, Cullinan+Richards, Open School East, Harry O’Brien, Simon and Tom Bloor, Jethro German, Jennifer Harris, Laura Gordon, R.M. Sánchez-Camus, Vicky Simmons, Abit Willmington, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Stephen Clark
… and many more whose names we didn’t manage to list in the last frentic days before the referendum.